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Omg ! Histeria Lgi..
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 6:53 am
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Hye .. Hari nie aku nak crita ckit psal HISTERIA.. ermm ..td ade sorg bdak klas kami yg kna histeria .. nma die xxxx.. Aku rsa xde die kna Histeria .. biasa larr org nk famous kn dri dlm klas .. hakha^^die kna dlm kol 11 suku, klo x silap aku larr .. ciss ! da larr tyme sastera .. ckp jer x siap kerja kursus yg ckgu bg  .. pura2 sakit .. Eyy , pa lar aku nie mengumpat org jer tau .. tp de kmngkinan jugk die kna .. p x pa larr .. hal die ..lantak die lar .. aku pduli ape .. jnji aku x kna .. huhue .. okok ! stakat nie jerr .. Daaaa ..

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